Andi Rocks!

You found one of Andi’s rocks!

Comment below and let us know:

Which rock did you find?

What was your reaction when you found it?

Where did you find it?

Are you going to keep it, give it to someone or hide it again?


  1. Andi, I found a special rock that says WE ROCK…knowing how much you are involved with music and learning more & more, that one has a special meaning to me…and WE DO ROCK!!!

  2. I found a rock, Andi! It was on the window ledge of our townhouse! It was multicolored and had a heart on it. It made me smile and is very special because I know you made it just for me! <3 I'm going to give it back to you so you can hide it for me again!

  3. Andi, I found your blue rock with flowers on it under my pillow. It made me smile. You were pretty sneaky! I think I will hide it again.

  4. Andi Bug! I love your rocks!
    <3 Mama Bug <3

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