Emma Rocks!

You found one of Emma’s rocks!

Comment below and let us know:

Which rock did you find?

What was your reaction when you found it?

Where did you find it?

Are you going to keep it, give it to someone or hide it again?


  1. Emma, we found your rocks by the Vet’s office, I think that was a great idea and I really like the stickers you chose and we had fun looking for it!

  2. Hi Emma, I found two of your rocks the ones that say “PLAN ON IT” and “Busy Day.” When I first saw them I was hesitant to pick them up because I thought they may have belong to a young child but then I saw the barcode on the back and decided to take them home with me and scan them. I found them both right by the Vet’s Office.

  3. Emma, I found your rock with “Living The Dream” on it near the Post Office. I thought it was meant to be since I spent almost 30 yrs working at the Farmland Post Office, 24 years as Postmaster. I plan to hide it again tomorrow so someone else can enjoy finding it.

    • Pam,
      Thank you for your comment! This is EXACTLY what I hoped would happen when I decided to try this project!
      Library Carrie

  4. Emma! I love the stickers you chose!

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