Library Carrie Rocks!

You found one of Library Carrie’s rocks!

Comment below and let us know:

Which rock did you find?

What was your reaction when you found it?

Where did you find it?

Are you going to keep it, give it to someone or hide it again?


  1. I found a rock at my desk today on my morning McDonald’s Coke. It said “remember this day”. I immediately smiled and rushed to email Library Carrie that I’d found a rock! This is such a great thing to do. Everyone who worked to make this project come to life has done a wonderful thing. I’m so glad to receive my rock. I will probably pay it forward. 🙂

  2. Just testing! Though I do like my rocks! 😉

  3. I found a rock that says throw kindness around like confetti! My reaction was GRANDMA I FOUND A ROCK! In the refrigerator when I was getting my sweet tea I am going to keep it !😀

    Thank you Library Carrie!

    • Who would be so silly as to leave a rock in the refrigerator? Love you, Andi!

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