Zoie Rocks!

You found one of Zoie’s rocks!

Comment below and let us know:

Which rock did you find?

What was your reaction when you found it?

Where did you find it?

Are you going to keep it, give it to someone or hide it again?


  1. Found remember this, my daughter was very excited we will hind them again

  2. I found your THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS rock! I love it! It was like finding a prize for a scavenger hunt! I think I will hide it again so someone else can enjoy the fun! Thanks for the smile!!

    • Michelle! Thanks for playing! The kids will be excited you commented!

  3. Zoie, I found your yellow rock saying “Weekend Warrior” under the bench. It was easy to see and just waiting for me to pick it up. I plan to keep it since you are my granddaughter.

    • How lucky to find your granddaughter’s rock! Definitely keep it! 🙂

  4. Zoie! You found a CAKE sticker. YEAH!

    • I found my own rock

      • One you hid or did Grandma hide it? 🙂

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